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“...the C4C team is one that gives workshops on restorative and transformative justice. The workshop my learners were privy to was top notch. It was clear, fun and not only introduced us to the concept and aspects but also taught us moving forward how to plan and implement restorative and transformative aspects to teams and communities . The C4C team has a unique team in that the combined expertise within the field of security, bar none.” 

—Lisa, Legal Field, Texas

”During the June flooding and fire disasters at the transportation Hub of the city of Accra in which over 200 people lost their lives, volunteers from our Department of psychiatry and other Mental health agencies were among the first to set up mental health Services at the disaster site. At our final debriefing session with volunteers, Dr Brenya Twumasi described her experience with Hurricane Katrina. This gave our volunteers a broader context of disaster relief than they would have had otherwise and a greater sense of achievement of what they had accomplished in the two weeks of work.”

— Dr. A.O-A, University of Ghana School of Medicine

“...studied under Brenya Twumasi and can say that she is absolutely inspirational. Her wealth of knowledge coupled with her brilliant insights, which seem both intuitive and inspired, serve as the fuel to ignite the passion within the individuals she instructs”.

 —Sarai Lajas Honeycutt
   Advanced Certified Trainer of the Kendall Life LanguagesTM
   CFO and Co-Founder of Honeycutt Coaching Inc.

“The team members of C4C Netwerks have earned stellar reputations both domestically and globally. Their cumulative experiential leadership base is over 100 years. They are confidential in their approach and loyal to the cause of empowering  - a thematic area of importance to them. They have shown over the years, solid approaches in the areas of human rights, equity, gender relations and general global solidarity vis-a-vis the cause of children. On the basis of their fine adaptability to various cultures and general demeanor in their approaches, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who may need same in their said areas of expertise.”

—William Adu-Krow, MD, DrPH
   Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Country Representative
   8 Brickdam, Stabroek.
   Georgetown. Guyana
“Brenya Twumasi has been an invaluable member of our Faith Based Reentry and Prostitution Prevention teams and has not only helped with those specific committees but with the Reentry program as a whole. She is intelligent, articulate, energetic, reliable and dependable. She has donated countless hours to helping others through our program and has served in many capacities including helping to collect data, photography, getting the word out to community partners about our mission and has served faithfully and actively on the above mentioned Faith Based and Prostitution Prevention Committee’s. She was instrumental in helping create a form for us that we in turn had printed and was placed in various truck stops throughout the San Antonio and Bexar County area alerting young women that if they were being forced into the sex trade or were being exploited that there was local help available and it included the local contact phone number. Throughout her selfless work with us she has been a most valuable player and certainly a team player not seeking attention or personal aggrandizement.

­—Debra A. Jordan
   Bexar County Reentry Program Manager
   San Antonio, Texas